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Draycir Credit Guardian

Draycir Credit Guardian Software

Credit Guardian® is a brand new approach to managing risk in your business. An alternative to individual company searches that’s not expensive or time consuming. Offering access to information about your customers and UK companies that's up to date, accurate, in an easy to read format and at your fingertips, when you need it most.

Award-winning Credit Guardian, created by Draycir and powered by Experian, gives small and mid-sized businesses affordable, year round access to business intelligence. Credit Guardian helps you make better and more informed choices about managing risk in your business.

To find out more information regarding how Credit Guardian can help your business please view the BlueStone Credit Guardian microsite.

Credit Guardian

Created by Draycir and powered by Experian, Credit Guardian® gives small and medium sized businesses affordable, year round access to business intelligence, helping them make better and more informed business decisions.

More useful than a credit report

Credit reports are snapshots in-time. However, Credit Guardian constantly monitors trends and keeps information up-to-date, alerting you to any changes.

Powered by Experian

Credit Guardian gives you access to the highest quality, industry recognised business information from the world's leading data provider, Experian.

Easier to understand than a credit report

Designed to be used by non-credit professionals, information is presented graphically rather than as incomprehensible tables and numbers.

Compare how you are trading to how you should be trading

Credit Guardian merges information from your Sage or Microsoft accounting software, giving you a vital insight into the performance of your business.

Why do I need Credit Guardian?

More than ever we are all being advised to credit check our customers and suppliers. The most straight-forward, easily understood and effective solution is Credit Guardian.


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