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Preactor 100 FCS

Preactor FCS 100

Preactor 100 FCS production scheduling software is the next level up from Preactor Lite. Like Preactor Lite, Preactor 100 FCS has a fixed set of data tables and menu buttons, but has additional functionality for more demanding applications.

The main additional functionality in Preactor 100 FCS over and above Preactor Lite is as follows:-

Unlimited Data Table size

User can modify and save the number of records allowed in each data table.

User configurable Operation and Product Attributes

User can define both operation and order attributes. These attributes can be used for example to locate operations and orders or used in P200 FCS for sequence dependent changeover calculations. In higher versions they can be used for other purposes for example in scheduling rules.

Capable to promise inquiries

In Preactor 100 FCS and higher versions of Preactor production scheduling software where there is an in-built data table of routing information and a single level BOM (all operations are contained in a single order), the user can use the order inquiry button to find the latest delivery date for a batch of a product.

Import/Export Wizard

User can define import and export routines or scripts using the Import/Export Wizard to read information from external files into Preactor's in-memory data or export data to defined file names in user defined formats.

Schedule export to Excel

User can export user defined production schedule data to an Excel spreadsheet.

Web Publisher

User can automatically create reports and Gantt charts in HTML format to display on a web page. These can be viewed using Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Telephone support

Email Support and Hot-Line telephone support is available to users who have current paid up annual maintenance.


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