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Sage 200 suite

Product Overview

Sage 200 Accouting Suite

Traditionally, business management software for all but the largest organisations has been based on many different software applications - each running in a different part of the business. Some software might link together, but often in a basic way. Software spanning the whole organisation has been the preserve of the largest businesses.

Now, many of our customers are telling us that they want software that operates across the business as a whole and delivers:

  • Support for business processes that span departments, for example managing a prospect to a ‘suspect’ to a customer.
  • Data sharing - for example, giving customer-facing teams a view of aged debtors information or operations teams access to information on orders being placed.
  • Data for analysis across the business, enabling improved management decisions and strategic direction setting.

An example could include sales staff who need access to customer and product information to deliver enhanced customer satisfaction. They might also require access data typically found in finance and operational systems. Likewise, marketing teams may wish to analyse and profile existing customer types to maximise the effectiveness of their campaigns. Key customer data is likely to be held across finance, support and sales pipeline databases. With separate software, this view across the business is difficult or impossible.

Our response

In response, we are organising our software into a portfolio of suites. Each suite will include a variety of software to suit a wide spectrum of businesses. The suites will make it simple to pick and choose the software needed to manage processes across the business and deliver these 'wishes'.

The Sage 200 Suite - an overview

Over time, Sage 200 will offer software to manage a wide range of business processes, including:

  • Finance
  • Distribution
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Asset Management
  • Financial Forecasting
  • Human Resources
  • Wholesale and Retail
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing

This approach will give you very powerful benefits – you get the integration you want, you get the sophisticated business processes to the design you want and all of this in a familiar environment, with ease of use and affordability. And, you'll be able to adopt the software you need, when you need it.

What's available now?

The first phase of the Sage 200 Suite – available now - includes the Sage 200 Financials and Commercials packages, and the Bill of Materials module, which have all evolved from the previous Sage MMS product. There is also a brand new module - Sage 200 Project Accounting.


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