BlueStone Manaufacturing and Accounting Software Solutions

Software Implementation Strategy

BlueStone has an aim to provide a clear, honest and transparent process to provide the client with as accurate an estimate as possible of the work involved and the associated costs. The implementation of your project requires a close collaboration between your project team and our Consultants and Project Managers. We do not offer a fixed price ‘turnkey’ solution.

Evaluation and Demonstrations

Clients wishing to change their business process by upgrading from an earlier automated system or manual process should initially contact the Sales team, or one of our offices. They can then arrange for a consultant to visit and discuss the requirement.

A general overview demonstration of the software can then be provided, during which we will gather further details and understanding of the client requirement.

We can then provide a Preliminary Proposal estimate based on the number of users and the software modules required, together with typical installation costs for training and consultancy based on the chosen modules.

All of the above services will be provided FOC as part of the sales process.

Note that at each Decision Point the client can decide not to proceed and incur further costs. BlueStone also reserve the right not to continue after the BPA or Planning Day processes if the evaluations have revealed aspects of the business that would mean the project is not viable.

At this stage a BPA (Business Process Analysis) will be carried out to gain an understanding of what it is that the customer wishes to acheive from their business systems.

Project Team

We will expect the client to appoint a Project Manager and associated Project Team to control their project, which our Consultants and Project Managers can work with throughout the implementation. This team can be appointed at any time during the initial processes but must be available prior to the Project Planning day(s).

If you need assistance in forming a project team and helping them understand their roles working in a structured environment, and have already decided to proceed with the Planning Day(s), we can participate in a one-day discussion and presentation FOC. Further details are available on request.

We use a tried and tested structured implementation methodology, with the emphasis on testing the solution using ‘piloting’ exercises, to ensure that all users are familiar with the new system and understand the requirements before the ‘Go Live’ date.

Project Planning

The following process is chargeable (typically 1 day) with the client only making a commitment at this stage to the cost of the Planning day(s), not the full project costs.

The Task List will be developed jointly with your Project Team to produce an agreed Project Plan, showing who will complete each Task, with an estimated time.

From this list a final estimate of the training and consultancy days required can now be established together with an indication of the days required by your personnel.


The software, and hardware if applicable, will be installed.

Working with your Project Manager and Team, we will provide training in the chosen software modules and provide guidance on the application to your business. We will assist in the management of data transfer and input, and applying the ‘settings’ to enable your system to function as defined in the BPA and Project Definition.

Your Project Manager can ‘call off’ consultancy/training days in agreement with your assigned consultant, to meet your requirements in line with the Project plan.


Our standard consultancy day is typically 6 hours, with the time being spent on site or away from site for preparation/research or completion tasks and notes. BlueStone reserve the right to charge for consultants time used in excess of the 6 hours.

The consultant provided will be dependant on the skills/task requested.


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