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Symbol Scanners

Motorola P360

BlueStone supply a range of Batch Enabled and Keyboard Wedge type devices to complement the range of software solutions offered. Both of these types of scanning solution can be integrated into Sapphire v10 to provide substantial time saving advantages.

Keyboard Wedge Barcode Scanners

Keyboard Wedge Scanners are a versatile and cost effective method of accurate data entry. This type of scanner as the name suggests plugs into the keyboard port of the PC and allows data entry to be performed by means of scanning a barcode as opposed to manually typing in the requested information. The Symbol Cobra LS1902 laser scanner is one of these keyboard type wedge scanners offered by SMS. It is sleek, lightweight and perfectly balanced to minimise operator strain, and is available in both triggered and triggerless configurations.

Batch Capture Barcode Scanners

A batch capture scanner is required for any operation which needs to be performed independently of a terminal. The principle behind batch scanning is that large quantities of data can be captured remotely of any terminal attached to the network, in a location such as the shop floor, warehouse or storeroom, then updated onto the system at a later date. Administrative overheads within the warehouse can be greatly minimised by the use of these hand scanners as most of the data processing operations will be at the point that they actually occurred, rather than as an administration activity to be completed later. The range includes the Symbol P360 hand scanner, and related equipment. The Symbol P360 Industrial Memory Scanner breaks new ground in industrial barcode scanning. Equipped with 1MB memory, keypad, display and an award-winning ergonomic design, this hand-held scanner switches seamlessly from data entry to data managent. Ideal for extreme environments such as warehouse stores, builders’ yards, receiving and cross-dock applications, the economical P360 plays many roles. The price of this barcode scanner includes on-board software programmed by BlueStone to integrate with the already well established Sapphire Shop Floor Data Capture module.


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